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Just a bit below there is the FAQ section. Lots of good info there but you might have to wade through a few useless/outdated posts.

Not much I can say other than that since there is way too much stuff to say in one post and I also have to do something later so I don't have much time to make this post either.

To answer your question I'm not really sure, there are a lot of people on this forum who are in the CF. I'm not sure their trades or anything but there probably are a lot of infantry guys who play, in fact I know there is one guy who is a "gunner" (what trade is that? mechanized or infantry or something? I'm not too knowledgeable on the CF trades).

As for the first gun, whatever floats your boat I say. Stay away from "China clones" and buy a quality brand name right off the bat. I'd be lying if I said that if you got a stock BNIB Tokyo Mauri AEG it will last "forever" since things do eventually break but for the most part they're solid as a rock and there are people who have gone 50 even 100 thousand rounds in some stock TM's and have had nothing fail on them. The QC is very high however there are the odd lemons (lower lemon rate than say a similar Chinese company who just wants to ship out a high quantity of products and says screw the QC, we'll just deal with it via RMA's).

I personally have an M4 that I bought off the classifieds. It's pretty bare actually. All I have is a battery box (a gutted PEQ box which holds your battery since I have a crane stock and can't store a battery there), a vert grip, and a cheapo red dot sight.

Between different models of guns there are slight differences and models you'll want to stay away from (ie. The FAMAS which uses a V1 mechbox and are impossible to find replacement parts for). M4 and AK's are the most common and therefore easy to find accessories and replacement parts for. In addition to the MP5 (uses the same V2 gearbox as the M4 (except the MP5K)) and the G36 with the V3 gearbox.

As for finding games, there is a section below this one which has local games listed. It's not exhaustive however (some local teams may have their own forum and list local games there). Contacting a local Age Rep (you're in luck since ON has one of the highest number of AV reps) is a good step in finding games and meeting people who know what they're talking about in addition to getting your grubby hands on a wider selection of AEG's.

Publicly there are no places to get "black" guns (guns with black or metal receivers) however don't discount these "Cansoft" guns as crap because of the receiver with "active camo". With AV status the classifieds open up and you'll get a lot more selection but have to be willing to pay/wait for things to pop up.
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