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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Ever ... is a very long time..

At this point the effort has to be on creating a rational dialog.

If ... IF the long gun registry is abolished..It is possible to point at how ineffective and Emotionally motivated legislation can be re-approached from a more rational direction.

There are Valid points on both sides of the equation.. It is not likely that we will ever see a significant effective change in the underlying legislation that exists to restrict ownership of firearms in Canada.

I seriously doubt that we will EVER see concealed carry permits issued on a "shall issue" basis in Canada.

but lots of people said that "the long gun registry is here to stay" as well.
This is the best that the gun owners in Canada are ever going to get:

Decriminalize possession of firearms. This would require some penalties, like seizure and fines, but no criminal record and certainly not prison time. This will be the toughest battle by far, and requires a complete repeal of C-68 and a rebuild from the ground up.

No license for non-restricted. This goes back to 2001, when the last of the FACs expired. Under the FAC, you did not need a license in any form to possess non-restricted, but you did need one to acquire firearms. The selling point of the safety and accountability of firearms owners has been the PAL system. It is the cornerstone of C-68, but considering at best 1/2 (and more likely 1/3) of all gun owners in Canada have a PAL (and 20% are in arrears and failed to re-apply this past year), it is not a big stretch of reality. However, that effectively guts 90% of all gun control in Canada.

The scraps of what's left of C-68 won't really matter much if the above comes to pass. But any form of carry (open or concealed) will NEVER be tolerated in Canada. By Canada, I mean Toronto and Quebec, the places that really matter. The rest is merely suburbs, and don't matter much in the grand social scheme of gun control in Canada.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Gun control has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with control.

The last 3 decades of Liberal civil servants aren't concerned with who is actually in Parliament, they will run their departments as they see fit. And seeing as the CFC is totally run by civil servants with the power of OIC, change will not come easy, only an act of Parliament will change that. Not public opinion or even the Minister can change that. Those with control will not give it up without a fight.

We shall see. I've been a licensed firearm owner since 1989, and I see little in the way of change likely to be effected. Bil C-391 is barely in committee, and it's passage on 3rd reading is by no means a slam-dunk, nor is it's passage in the Senate a slam-dunk neither.
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