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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
And that argument won't fly in Canada, ever. Canadians have been precluded by law from carrying a weapon for 2 generations now, since the 1970's. You ain't gonna get the horse back into the barn after that amount of time in pasture.

So then what?
Ever ... is a very long time..

At this point the effort has to be on creating a rational dialog.

If ... IF the long gun registry is abolished..It is possible to point at how ineffective and Emotionally motivated legislation can be re-approached from a more rational direction.

There are Valid points on both sides of the equation.. It is not likely that we will ever see a significant effective change in the underlying legislation that exists to restrict ownership of firearms in Canada.

I seriously doubt that we will EVER see concealed carry permits issued on a "shall issue" basis in Canada.

but lots of people said that "the long gun registry is here to stay" as well.
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