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Exclamation Middle years programme project

Hi everyone, Rowan here. My entire grade was given something called a middle years programme personal project, a project which is based on our choosing of topic. Due at the end of April 2010.

I choose to use this as a buisness oppertunity. For a long while I have sat and thinked about it, and I want to go through with it.

So that is my project, making an airsoft buisness

We were all to create a project outline, this is what I came up with.

1. Learn how a buisness works, which market is best to sell product to,
Making a buisness plan.

2. Presenting to a bank invester, how to present, which kind of invester (unless there is only one).

3. Once I have found an invester willing to help, finding a supplier would be the next step. I have lots of Ideas for that.

I think you now know what I am getting at. This project will take awhile to complete, but this is how I will put it all together.

I want to make a small movie or something similar on how this all happens, which is how I will present my project, instead of using a boring presentation board with paper slapped onto it. I made this post because I fell serious about this. I see it as being my financial future, but also because airsoft is something I love to do, and could use help from everyone I can get.

If anyone can help me, YOU HAVE NO IDEA how thankful I would be. This is like 25% of my school mark.

Also if any retailers are reading this, you would be the most helpful, having a buisness of your own and everything. Thanks for reading.

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