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Originally Posted by SuperCriollo View Post
in my experience airsoft guns are NOT as easy to disassemble as Pb guns. airsoft guns are pretty much like big watches with a lot of small pieces and parts that need to be put in a certain way in order to fit properly .
maybe i don't have mechanical skills at all lol

if you do something nice, show it in the media section.
Yeah I noticed that when I watched the Mechbox vids. Way more complicated than Pb guns but still... you need to take your time and take some notes the first time as what go where.

In regards to ICS, I am getting mixed feedbacks... I don't really know what to think. A Gun doc told me that the ICS M4 are awesome (and the SRC too but more complicated for changing the spring and working in the mechbox like other AEG), a couple of other guys too but I am getting also not so good feedbacks from other people about the ICS.

Will prolly go for an HK416 SRC Gen3, it seems a really good buy. I looked in the AV retailer section and I am not ready to invest 700$ and up for an all black brand new, good quality AEG (that is selling for 350$ US) and I want something new, I don't want used stuff so... The SRC HK416 Gen 3 is selling between 300$-350$ US for only 460$ CAD and got really good reviews. I will get myself an M100 spring from and should be ready to go for indoor CQB play

THe only thing though is that I hate to put the battery on the PEQ box on the front rail to hold the batteries. I would like to get a Lipo that can fit in the buffer tube, since they are Lipo ready. Can anybody suggest me (give me a link) a good lipo battery and a charger?
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