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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
There is no need for anymore legislation. Firearms possession is prohibited in Canada, period. The goverment issues you a "get out of jail free" card that is our PAL system. The second that it or any of the requirements to obtain it expire, you are a criminal. This is a revolving cycle of legal, illegal, legal, etc. How much more illegal can you make something that is already illegal?
That undermines the system in favour of gun owners by setting a precedence against the effectiveness of the system. Someone just has to be clever enough to table a sunset clause for C-68 and push it far enough to get some serious debate time.

Tell me, how would you frame a statement (that will receive media attention) about the right to self-defense and the right to own firearms (and be able to keep them on you and ready to perform said defense)?
Wait until someone shoots a serial murder whose MO is breaking and entering.

Fishing for media attention with statements when no underlyding headline exists doesn't work any better for the ANTI than it would the pro. Any public policy making/breaking is highly dependent on current events.

It's easy to talk the talk when you don't have to walk the walk.
It's easy to phrase additional gun measure as costly, ineffective and a waste of time. I would say that the relatively smoothness for the current push for removing unrestricted firearm registration has more to do than with a practical message of "this is a waste of money and time and provides a false sense of security (which is worse than no security)" than any of the PRO's high ideals about gun rights. Again, rights-based message mostly reaches people who already care about guns, but government waste and bad policy always has new audiences.
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