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Originally Posted by Jagdalex View Post

So the big question is: If I am good with my hands (manual type of person), is it a major pain in the ... replacing the M120 spring of the SRC for an M90 for the winter time? Will I need a good doctor to do it? Or for someone manual it is not a big deal to do? Because if it is fairly straight forward and not too much of an hassle maybe it will be better to get the SRC?
Check out if you would like to learn how. The site shows good step by step video tutorials of complete gearbox tear downs and rebuilds for a number of different guns and Mechbox versions. It also shows how to remove the Mechbox from the some guns(used the site myself for my M-14), very informative.

Course a gun Doc may cost money, but if something goes wrong at least you have someone to blame it on. Personally, i like tinkering so i do my own upgrades and repairs.

Hope this helps.
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