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Originally Posted by Daviday View Post
Its not the guns that are the problem. People in general need to look at the one holding the gun. Putting more control on will not help as much as they would like it to. you need to confront the people whom are not fit to use a gun.

But i agree with koolaidman. Pellet guns are cheeper and legal to buy.
Right... but it is much easier to control an object than it is a person.

People will resort to criminal activity .. people will seek to arm themselves when they feel the need to. Criminals don't live in our society.. they live in an alternate reality where the rules of society don't apply.

Governments know that there really is nothing they can do about criminals.. and maintain a free and open society. But in order to be perceived and taking action against the criminals they act against their tools .. Hence gun control legislation. It does not make people any safer.. but it makes them feel safer. and allows them to believe that their government is "doing something" to make them safer.
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