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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
The guy got stabbed, shouldn't we be banning knives instead?

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indeed.. Knives are accessible to anyone of any age.. and are just as deadly and dangerous in close quarters as a gun. Yet .. no one ( well except for David Millar , but he's a nutter ) talks about banning them.

.. Don't bother trotting out the CAR IS just as dangerous argument.. it holds no water.

Cars are not designed for the purpose of killing people .. although through their misuse and improper use they result in deaths.. most considered Accidental

Guns ( and in particular handguns ) ARE designed for the purpose of Killing people. and they can also be used for sport.. However when a handgun is used for it's designed and intended purpose .. it kills people .. which is what it was supposed to do.. although the act is illegal.. it can hardly be considered "accidental"
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