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Here is my view on the case which is strictly my opinion.

I am new to airsoft and didnt even know it existed until last June when I was introduced. I knew about bb guns and never like them and was always against any type of gun in our home as I have 4 young children and didnt even allow them to have nerf, super soakers etc in fact anything that would give them the idea that shooting someone is O.K. becasue children dont understand why it is ok to shoot with water or nerf and not something real and they also dont know when to stop. This Christmas, i bought them all nerf guns and even real paintball guns that are modified to shoot foam type balls in stead of paint. I taught them the importance of safety, safety protection and responsibility and they actually understand more than most kids about guns now.

Guns are NOT the problem when it comes to a crime. If there were no such things as guns, people would use knives, phone books and other objects. If one is going to commit a crime with the intent to kill, he will do just that,

I personally love airsoft because of MILSIM and the realistic looks of the weapons. But if I put myself into the shoes of someone in the Czapnik family, I agree with the advocate that wrote this article. Toy guns should not look like real weapons. Someone mentioned you could use you car to kill but it is not the intent of killing here, You cant hold up a bank with a car, or rape someone with a car or perform a B&E with a car. Because replicas can now be purchased at local stores they are much easier than real steal to get a hold of and because most petty criminals are not out there to kill someone, these "weapons" will do just fine because the public including pro airsofters will not know the difference from a distance back or will be shocked to even pay attention to small details.

My opinion is that even replica holders should bare a license and it should be illegal just like real steal to purchase and carry such a weapon unless licensed. Because these guns can do the same damage as real steel when it comes to a crime scene other than killing, adults should be mentally stable before owning one and obtaining a license to use one. Yes it is a sport,hobby or collection for most of us on here but we can not assume the same for the general public. I understand that there is a black market and if replicas were licensed there will always be a black market just like real steal and even if you use a replica for a crime the penalty is still severe, I feel licensing replicas will help a great deal.

I would be the first in line to become certified to purchase and carry a replica as I love the sport so much. I truly do hope they mandate a licensing system for replica's and stop selling them in stores that are not able to carry real steel.

The best thing to do is teach teach teach.

My opinion Only. Dont care about flames or people telling me i am wrong or why I am wrong because my opinion will not change. My heart goes out to all those that are victims of a crime where a replica was used.
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