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Originally Posted by Tommio View Post
So basicly i need to get age verified. How does that get me a Famas tho??? All the ones i see that are AEG's are all black. You cant get that into canada can you?? I must be missing something here.

As far as the famas being a old gun means not much to me. I want it because it looks great is a bullpup and you really dont see them very much. I never knew that the gun was super old! So it was the 1st AEG. Very cool. To bad its hard to fix.

The only mods i would do to the famas would be a long range scope thats it. NO lasers and goofy addons that do nothing.
There are no clear cansoft versions of the Famas. Age verification will give you access to the classifieds on this site and you'll find one or two FAMAS's for sale. Again, and older primitive design and uncommon gun, you won't find that much selection aside from old TMs that people are getting rid of.

It is too bad nobody ever widely produced any updated FAMAS models with metal body, etc. It's not a bad gun but even the French are rumored to be getting rid of it.
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