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Originally Posted by diamond_SEA View Post
dont listen to Amos. FAMAS is a great gun if you leave it stock. dont mess with it. Ive never cracked open the gearbox on mine and i dont plan on doing it (anymore).

Anyways, head over to the manitoba airsoft forums at and sign up there. you can even get age-verified there and gain access to guns and the like if your over 18. Got to Xtreame Tactics a couple times too to get ahold of real airsoft. We are blessed with having a great local airsoft community.

If your 18, or 16 with a parent, go to XT.
What are you talking about? You should know first hand (You own one) that a FAMAS is a HORRIBLE choice for a 1st gun. Outdoors they suffer from not enough power, How many times have you been able to get any kills through the scrub brush at Ivangrad with your FAMAS?

What happens to your gun if by chance you strip a gear? It may not be common, but it does happen from time to time.

The FAMAS compared to any of Marui's other guns is extremely weak externally, the mechbox is held in by screws going into plastic that are less than 2mm thick.

Buying something "Cool and rare" isn't always the best choice. Airsoft guns are mechancial and eventually something will break or wear out. On a normal AEG you can replace it... on a FAMAS you're looking at a HUGE headache.
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