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Originally Posted by deadbolt View Post
I recognize that, and I appreciate that.
But have you ever thought that maybe they are asked for a reason?
In my travels 5 years ago, I did all this homework for old guns.
Now, I’m in a better situation and I have more questions I wanted asking. So many new companies, so many new guns, and a lot of you guys are really well versed in these matters.
Never thought I’d be ridiculed like this before, it’s almost as bad as speedballers, a majority too arrogant to understand sincerity when they see it.
In the future this forum should try and be more welcoming to new comers, considering I was treated like a moron in the newb’ section imagine the tolerance in the other… lol
Most of your questions are fine, just ask smart questions. It just bugged me that someone posted a link and instead of simply going to the link and finding out, you asked "what is that"?

It's like someone asking for how to do a search, someone replies "" and then you ask "what is that site?" instead of just going there.

I apologize if you felt flamed or condescended to.
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