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This is me researching.
I find it incredibly disconcerting that you people are constantly flaming me, yes I’m new... Get off your high horse.
Yes, I may appear to have bad attitude; understand I just type the words; I leave the inflections up to you.

I thought going to a forum and speaking to the masses would be better than wasting my days going from other forum to other forum reading more outrageous crap.
If you have nothing nice to say about my questions then leave me alone, I’ll gladly wait for someone mature enough to respond with civility and leave the pent up aggression for the field or a pillow.

i disprove of this forums complete disrespect for people who want to play, I find it disheartening how much you've repelled me, i feel like I’m back in high school, and my articles of clothing aren’t good enough.

I thank you all for your replies, and I appreciate those who have helped me.

As for you in op-for, I accept your open invite and I think I’ll make my way down to you guys.
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