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Originally Posted by chadlh View Post
I agree. Being AVd doesn't make one all knowing all of a sudden. No offense because most of you sound very nice to convers with but some on here seem all high and mighty because they are AVd. Get of your freaking horse. There are a few of us that do lots of research and reading before we make comments or before we ask questions.
Then why does this thread exist?

Had you have researched, you would've had your answers. Simply put. A lot of these members actually 'know' what they're talking about since they have most likely handled the things. Age Verification means the person has had access to guns and always will, they have handled them. People without verification have most likely handled subpar cansoft or simply shitty walmart guns, theres a huge gap there I think. So its not exactly us feeling so 'high and mighty' because we have some tag. Its because we actually own the damn things.

Sometimes, (No offense to you Koolaidman) some users can take things out of context, so don't blame the whole AV base on one persons opinion or comment. The whole 'highhorse' thing starts to reverse upon yourself. Just listen to people that have given good advice, ignore others that have been no help at all. Making comments back and forth does nothing but stir unnecessary bickering about like it is now.

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