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Originally Posted by deadbolt View Post
hrmm... food for thought.

tell me, if i bought that gun today, at 350, how much more should i expect to pay on making it top of the line?
i'm planning on buying two ...
I have never seen the Velocity Arms version in person but I assume it's just the normal JG gun with their own clear receiver on it.

If it is based on the latest JG model, then it is already a top of the line gun internally with a 400 FPS spring, bearing spring guide, bearings one of the gear bushings, etc. and you won't have to spend a dime aside from perhaps a better battery.

The Velocity Arms guy is on vacation or something though so you won't be getting the gun soon.

The only thing I would want for that gun is a metal body.

As for the S-System, it's another common AEG. JG makes a version as well. I don't know if VA has one. Go google and look it up yourself.
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