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huh.. how tragic.

as i've said and now becoming quite rediculously repetative (with all respect) i cannot get 'AV'ed' there is no one in my area that does it.. everyone is beyond my reach .. 4 hours is the shortest distance.. 9 is the longest..

well i don't neccisarily want a full metal gun, i recognize how bitchen' that would be; but i wouldn't mind a nice looking gun.
VA has some really nice gun's so does 007 and i know there are more out there, in my list i have about 10 places i have baught or want to buy from.
luckily i'm a bit of a pac-rat so when i was into in a few years back i never delted any of my contacts or connections.
but i know for a fact that there are more out there.. more wonderful canadian legal airsoft companies waiting for me to blow my happy load.
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