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Did I fry my battery?

Alright here goes,
I'm an idiot when it comes to electricity...shouldnt have migrate from Gas blow back... (I first elecuted myself when I was 5 my sticking two keys into the plug and grabbing both)


I just got a Firefox Lipo 11.1V battery, out of box havent charged but it has some charged already.
I was gonna make an adapter so I could charge the battery, unforunately before I could tape the two ends so it wouldnt conduct electricty it touch each other.
The result was smoke, awesome smell, and the battery pack heating up.
The connection was less than 1 sec, right now I remove it and let it sit outside to cool down and prevent exploding if it occurs. My question is did I ruin my battery pack?

PS: This is coming from a person whose family member are involving in Electrical Engineering, and Fuel Cells...ya Im that dumb.
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