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Originally Posted by deadbolt View Post
okay riddle me this, i've been throught the forum, i have not been able to find one of the best tools you guys could give us old returning airsoft vets.

a complete website list of all the places you can get airsoft guns in CANADA .... i have a small list of my own, but i know there are more.
google with results from canada has become quite redundant.

can you please help me out, i reall wanna start playing again... my wall and gun cabnents aren't the same without guns everywhere.
all the websites are gone : ( 08 was the last year you could get all black metal guns on website now no more : (

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
lol why is it that every single fucking underaged kid that comes thru here happens to have some private land to play on when accused of playing in public
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