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Originally Posted by deadbolt View Post
hrmm... food for thought.

tell me, if i bought that gun today, at 350, how much more should i expect to pay on making it top of the line?
i'm planning on buying two ...
Get age verified and you can buy a full metal hl416 with trades for close to that price or a gas one : ) for a bit more.

In all respects its not bad i suggest getting the s system much better deal for the $ as long as you don't mind the clear and you can always full metal it with a Classic army or g&p body once your Aved for around 200$ so 500 for A jg with supperior exterior

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
lol why is it that every single fucking underaged kid that comes thru here happens to have some private land to play on when accused of playing in public
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