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That goes without saying...

I've been using a portable wall system at TTAC3 for 4 years .. it's simple and effective ..

made of sheets of Chipboard.. link them together in 3 fold units standing on their end and you can then combine the units to form endless variety of hallways , rooms and structures ..

add some cut outs for windows.. a few free standing door units and you can build pretty much anything ..

the walls are linked together with nylon wire ties .. which are cheap and strong enough ..

If you build a couple of 2 story structures in the corners .. that are fixed .. and combine with the reconfigurable wall system .. the set up can change every game so you can keep it fresh.

Transport is not an issue because you won't be moving ...

Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post

And airsoft players are cheap.

I think it's easyer to rent land than building. But we do need a proper indoor CQB building.

There is a lot of industrial and comercial building for rent or sale in the Mtl region. Finding the proper one at the right place is an acheavement in itself. I'd probably ask for an agent for help.

If you have a portable systeme to make CQB killhouse, a simple gym would suffice.

I'm thinking light structures made of poles and heavy plastic tarps to make the walls. That could fit in a small cube truck for transport.
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