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Yes... Mutiple Use Facility

get another group that also needs space but can't afford it and combine your membership.

your play environment needs to be portable .. with no or limited permanent structures

and you will need to clean up after yourself after each event.

Warehouse space is perfectly suited for the use of a practice / training space for Circus performers .. in Montreal there are loads of wannabee Cirque de Solei people .. hook into that community ..

you may want to use the space for AS 2 max 3 times a week .. which leaves a lot of time for other uses

Also ... if you get a space with high enough ceilings .. climbing gyms also lend themselves to multiple use space..

so you build a "co-operative" 3 partners .. a Circus group, a Climbing Gym , and an AS club .. split the time 3 ways .. so now you are on the hook for 1/3 the cost .. finding 40 to 50 people who want to be members would be way more likely than 150

be warned.. Climbers are arrogant jerks, and Circus people are flakey .. be sure you have a solid relationship on paper before proceeding

Originally Posted by moogy View Post
Thank you for your REALITY CHECK.

This is need to make the idea a more realistic one.

Do you have any suggestions that could help?

Thanks again.
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