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Originally Posted by HKGhost View Post
Thanks for your fast response. Protecting the paint is only a small concern. I was looking to give some parts a bit more meat for durability. Some parts like my full stock is plastic and I just want to add something to make it more durable. I don't mind getting it scratched and scraped. I'm more concern about it's durability. I know I can just buy a replacement but for the time being, I rather make it more durable and save the money for other things. Has anyone use epoxy paint on anything before?
Ah ! I understand what you mean now.

You actually don't need any clear coat paint to protect parts like stock, grip or any plastic parts on the gun since those parts are barely break for the time being, I never seen anybody break a full stock yet at the game except you used them to hit somebody or rolling by a truck maybe.

So you shouldn't use any paint to make them durable since they already strong as they are.

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