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I've actually never painted any of my guns. Except for one time.

Anyways, if it's similar to warhammer then: basecoat/primer (important for paint to bind, I use an off white/grey primer), paint (thin light coats), and a matte clearcoat will make it last (Don't use regular clearcoat or you'll have a shiny gun that looks more like a childs toy).

Don't trust those paints that say "no priming needed", yes you *can* choose to not use primer but it still won't be the same.

Good brands of paint:

- Duracoat
- Krylon Camoflauge
- Krylon Fusion
- Krylon All Pupose
- Rusto (Rustoleum)

One that I'd like to try is:

- Ironlak (a new cheap/econo paint coming out of Australia(old manufacturing plant)/China(new base of operations)). Warning, with Ironlak, due to the cheap manufacturing (from China) I've heard that some of the batches may leak a bit at the nozzle and the nozzle may not have a consistent spray pattern (easily fixed by swapping out for another spray paints nozzle) and the colours may not always be consistent.
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