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Thanks for you reply guys, as far as full metal I could careless, Afterall supposedly one of the best AEGs are TM and they are non-metal, I want something durable. I have hold the M4 CQB SRC Gen3 and yes it is really something.

The thing though is that the stock spring is too storng for indoor play and I have to change it, so it will be easier with the ICS than the SRC for doing a quick change like that but on the other hand I will only play inddor during the winter and as soon as spring starts I am going outside, so I will not be alternating indoor and outdoor but doing the change only twice per year. So it's not really a big deal if I have to strip the gun entirely twice a year.

Also there is the price factor, the M4 CQB ICS with Crane stock is now 370$ and the SRC 460$ without a battery or charger and you have already a charger with the ICS.

Yes the finish of the SRC is amazing and the ICS a bit shiny a bit more plastic feel. The SRC feels more like the real deal but I am sure with some Krylon I could also get the same finish on the ICS. But I have also heard the Ver2 Mechbox of the ICS is almost another good thing for ICS.

So the big question is: If I am good with my hands (manual type of person), is it a major pain in the ... replacing the M120 spring of the SRC for an M90 for the winter time? Will I need a good doctor to do it? Or for someone manual it is not a big deal to do? Because if it is fairly straight forward and not too much of an hassle maybe it will be better to get the SRC?

BTW: I got Aved tonight I am waiting for my status to be updated. It should come in the following days.

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