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Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
Hey guys,

Do you need any sort of firearms license or any sort of certificate to own or operate an airsoft or air gun?


Where do you guys keep your airsofts or air guns? Do you keep it in a gun case or just somewhere around?

As well,

How often do you clean your airsofts or airguns?

Is it really this hard just to read a FAQ page these days?

No, you don't need a liscence. If you're looking to get a full black/metal/nonclear airsoft gun, you have to be age verified on this site, you could considor it a 'liscence' if you want.

As for storage. It depends on the person. Just to be safe, I know a lot of people lock up their guns just incase, they do look real after all. Others put them up on their walls for display, or simply stuff them into their closet in a gun case.

As for cleaning. Generally, I clean before and after a game, and once every few months just so the gun stays fresh. It also depends on the type of gun, AEG, Gas or Spring.

Do a bit of research on the site using the FAQ page and the Search bar. You will find many more answers than I can provide.
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