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Lucky I guess

I have had two KWA PTP M9s now for just over a year, one for field work, while the other is a collection piece. I also posses a total of eight mags for my field piece, and none have failed out side of one defective valve. However, my brother owns a PTP M9 as well and one of his four mags has suffered from this poor bottom plate fin design. But even so, one out of twelve is not acceptable considering the quality expected for a "professional training" item.

But on the plus side, I have fired over 1500 shot through my PTP with no mechanical failure, and I mean I abuse my field PTP. After the first six months I had an incident where the PTP fell out of the holster and hit hard on a gravel drive, resulting in a piece of the breach (gas block) falling out (one of the guide "arms" broke off). Even so, the PTP continued to preform exceptionally well until around 1200 rounds, when I had to tighten up the plunger head in the gas cylinder, and the hop up started to wear.
I am actually just in the process on changing out the breach for the new one.

The replacement breach cost $14 USD, and the hop up rubber cost $10 from KWA USA.

So considering the abuse I run my field piece through, for a measly $24 USD a year, I'm not going to complain.


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