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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
My KJW is a recent model bought just over a year ago. I bought a TM M9 mag to try out, hoping to replace the chronically leaky KJW mags. No go. Had someone else lend me a TM mag to try out, and it doesn't work either. The TM mag is about 1.5mm shorter than the KJW mag. It will lock into the gun, but firing doesn't activate the valve. Now, I've been told that the TM extended mags DO work in a KJW though. I've not tested this myself.
If you've still got those chronically leaking KJW M9 mags, I'll take them off your hands

I am going to buy a TM extended mag for my KJW M9 in a short while, I'll confirm if they work or now.

KSC/KWA is definitely their own design and nothing at all like the TM. Absolutely not a clone.

Regarding the thinness of the material under where the two pins go on KSC/KWA models, that is a design problem that definitely needs to be addressed. Their USP is like that too but it doesn't fail in this manner.
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