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Originally Posted by deadbolt View Post

what sort of batery options should i go for? should i upgrade?
same goes for the motor, i want the sniper, so i need a above decent ROF ... so should i grab new gearbox?
with .25 or .30 can i expect 100 feet distance or lesser than that?

and one of the most important facts about this gun, how loud is it??
i baught a gun a while back... g&g ....sounds like an old doller store gun... terribly annoying.

thank you.
Stock 8.4v NIMH battery will be have a slow ROF and be noisier because it will take longer for the motor to spin up for every shot. Replacing it with a powerful Lipo battery will give you very fast ROF and turn over your motor so quickly you won't have time to notice the motor whine.

You want the sniper so you want high ROF? That makes no sense at all. If you want to snipe, shoot in semi-auto.

Stock JG 416s are pretty consistently 400 FPS from the 3 that I've seen in person. That will give you at least 150 feet. If you are lucky, even 180+ feet in range with 0.25s
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