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Advice on game scenario

Well here it is, I'm putting together a game and heres the game scenarios and rules, I need input on what you think, places to improve and such.

A terrorist group has made demands to detonate bio-chemical war heads in densely populated areas world wide if their demands are not met by the deadline. They have taken over a small village and pushed the local population out. The locals have joined out cause along with some local mercenaries. Though they are under powered and under manned they offer a lot of much needed support for the counter terrorists.

Terrorists - desert and black BDU's
civilians/ mercenaries - civvies clothes
CT's - jungle/ green camoflauge

CT briefing; you have been dropped behind enemy lines; you must establish a foot hold.
Terrorist Briefing: The enemy is here comrades! Eliminate them before they gain strength!
Civvies: the CTs have arrived help them out!

Capture the objective
- CT brief; the terrorists are transporting valuable Intel on the bombs and rumor has it that they also have an anti-virus capture it!
- Terrorist Brief; the enemy is closing in we must evacuate all important documents comrades!
- Civvies; the enemy is moving important info, slow them down and help the CTs

- CT brief; after successfully capturing the enemy Intel your convoy was on the way to the border when it was ambushed, get the case to the border!
- Terrorists; the enemy has captures our Intel! Get it back before they cross the border!
- Civvies; the counter terrorists need our help to get to the border support them at all costs!

Supply drop
- CT brief; ammunition and supplies are running low, an airdrop has been authorized secure it and carry on the fight!
- Terrorist brief; the enemy is weakening comrades! Capture their supplies and win this fight!
- Civvies brief; ammo and food are low, threes more coming in get it before the enemy does!

Disarm the weapon
- CT brief; the terrorists have armed the bomb and initiated the computer countdown, stop both devices before time runs out!
- Terrorists; Victory is within our grasp comrades fight off the enemy!
- Civvies Brief; the terrorists have gone to far! Secure the area for the CTs!

Basic rules;


Drums for support weapons only (M249, MG36, RPK, RPD)
Tactical gear allowed
Must wear Desert camouflage or Black BDUs
Unlimited respawns unless otherwise dictated

Counter Terrorists;

Drums allowed for all weapons!
Tactical gear allowed
Must wear Jungle camouflage or green BDUs
Unlimited respawns unless otherwise dictated


That means if your carrying a side arm tuck it into your pants!
You got mags? Put them into your pockets!
You are a local given equipment by the CTs!
Unlimited respawns unless otherwise dictated
(Bonus; bring your vests and gear, it shall be in the supply drop!)

10ft mercy rule is in effect, if you must take a shot try to hit them in a part of the body where its not gonna hurt too much (vest equipment etc..)
DEATH RAGS ARE A MUST ! (sick of having hit players shot at!)
safety zone guns on safe mags out barrel socks ON!
NO high cap mags
drums are for support gunners and counter terrorists
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