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WGC Weirdness

Hey guys,

Ive been ordering from WGC for quite some time now. As you know, during the check out process, you get to select your method of payment. I always select paypal and confirm the order. When WGC replies with a shipping quote, they have always agreed to my method of payment as paypal. Just recently, I have placed an order and here are the items:

1. mag catch
2. slide lock
3. steel bolt
4. mag base
5. metal slide for 5.1

When WGC returns with a shipping quote, it automatically changed my payment method to MONEY WIRE, and when I ask them why this is so, they responded by saying:

"Thank you for your inquiry,Please be inform that we can't guarantee the delviery to Canada.So,we accept money wire only.Thanks"

This is odd. As I look at my list of items, everything should be able to pass customs. But do you think WGC is afraid that my slide will be confiscated by customs, and do not want me to file a paypal dispute incase it doesnt go through? Thus, they want a money wire for security instead? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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