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hello, i realise this is a dead topic, but i'm going to attempt to bring it back anyway

about the VA 416, i'm looking at buying one ATM and pretty much neerly have it in the bag.

but i would like to know, if this is a gun meant for masters, i realise it says it's for both beginners and masters, but come on i'm sure they say that about the canadian tire crap....

i have a friend who wants it a lot more that me, and he has never played AS before, and is not aware of the things that can go wrong with the guns.
so, what would i find as far as issues from a out of the box gun like this?

what sort of batery options should i go for? should i upgrade?
same goes for the motor, i want the sniper, so i need a above decent ROF ... so should i grab new gearbox?
with .25 or .30 can i expect 100 feet distance or lesser than that?

and one of the most important facts about this gun, how loud is it??
i baught a gun a while back... g&g ....sounds like an old doller store gun... terribly annoying.

thank you.
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