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hello, my name is Bryan.
i played AS about 5 years ago, and sold all of my guns and all of my apperal items, so i could go to school and get a real job

now, i'm comfortably in a place where i can start waisting my money again, and have attempted to fall back into airsoft.
i although have a furrious amount of questions that i can't find anyone to answer for me.

i would like to list a serious amount of questions but i feel i wont be able to fully understand them since i'm a visual learner.

first of all, in relations to my title, i would like to know if there is anyone in the BC chilliwack lower mainland area i could go to, who is patient and doesn't mind being mind fucked with sincere but relitivly redundant questions.

if not, i fear i'll just have to type out my issues and concerns with getting back into the 'sport'

i look forward to your assistance, and i wait with great antisipation to your replies.

thank you.
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