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Radio Questions...come in...over!?!?

So last year i got a pair of Cobra 2 way radios...they worked well in some situations. Indoor and at close range without heavy brush or wooded areas mostly. They say a range of 13km and i know thats in a open clear area but i had some issues with them even in close prox. I see lots of radios that look or sound to be the same in that 20-50 dollar range on ebay.

What i would like is 2-4 units that have better range and are clear id also like a good headset with them. I know lots of players across Canada use certain types in different provinces. I'm not as concerned with hearing other radios that are operating in the area..just mine.

The ones i have seen mostly are:

Mortorola- Talkabouts
Garmine- Rino

Anyone test or use any of these radios that have worked well for Airsoft?
Any recommendations? Is there things i should be looking for when i buy a 2way device?

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