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Guys, I have had great success using a GREY Scotchbrite pad to rub the gloss off the clear parts and then using an automotive clear plastics primer and then fusion paint. We use these pads for final prepping of clearcoated panels in the bodyshop and they work fantastic on clear plastic gun parts too! :-) The Scotchbrite pad does NOT scratch the surface and leave any coarse sanding marks but does scuff it plenty to promote better adhesion. There are many different brands of clear plastics primers out there but one of the very best we have used in the shop is is made by a company named FUSOR and it works fantastic!!) I have also skipped the plastics primer and went with straight Fusion on plastic gun parts. It works decent but definitely doesn't bond as well as plastics primed parts. The grey scotchbrite pad is also a key to a succesful job. Hope this helps someone out.
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