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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
Doesn't the KJW M4 use proprietary parts?

Where can you buy spare parts when it breaks? (All guns break.)
directly from KJW

alos the markets starting to catch onto its reliability so they now have tightbores coming out a system to adjust fps and it's cheap 20$ new mags with even larger gas resvoirs in standard m4 mag shells and much more mabey diffrent bodys soon

your not likely to break parts in this gun they have confirmed this gun going over 10 000 + Rounds and not dying or failing i don't see the same thing with other GBBR

thats why there so much after market parts because the other guns need them to work not to say i wouldn't I'll buy a M14 Gbbr and Hk416 when There availble but for an m4 i'll take this

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lol why is it that every single fucking underaged kid that comes thru here happens to have some private land to play on when accused of playing in public
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