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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
I dont see how there is much of a discussion on clones vs TM, the clones are about 250-260 after taxes, if you buy a KJW from a store, and a TM is 300, meaning only 40 bucks more for a gun that WILL last forever, rather than a gun that may last a few weeks, seems like the better purchase to me...
I got a brand new KJW Hicapa with an extra magazine for $200 Try that with TM and don't forget the metal slide.

Originally Posted by SHÖCK View Post
KJW's are great if you know how to maintain them. The biggest issue with KJW is leaking mags because of the valve design allows you to overfill a mag which overpressurizes it and the o-rings are circular and not square and prone to drying out.
How should I maintain a KJW properly?
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