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Another thing to consider is the availability of certain models of TM GBB's.

Hi-Capa's are relatively easy to come by. Other models, not so much. In the case of the MEU (or stock 1911), you'll need to source a metal grip/frame assembly. While metal slides for pistols such as the Hi-Capa are easy enough to get, and the fact that the Hi-Capa's mid-frame is already metal, add a metal slide & outer barrel/chamber and you have a FMU GBB.

The problem here with regards to the MEU is that not only is it difficult to source a metal frame, they are typically sold as a kit which includes both the slide and frame. As we all know, only one component of that package, the slide, can be easily imported. Good luck with the frame.

Do I recommend TM's? Hell, yeah! I have a 1911, 4.3, and 5.1. All of them awesome! But, I also recently acquired an Army MEU (which I need to do some work on), and a Cansoft KJW Glock 23 (which is surprisingly good for what it is). I've taken a pass on the TM MEU for the reasons stated above (and their current availability). Trying to source restricted components for certain models can be a pain, and you pay a premium for it. While it may be worth it for some if their primary love is for pistols, but for those of us that use them intermittently, it may not be the most worthwhile allocation of funds. Not to mention the wait time involved in getting what you need - if at all.

That said, so long as you know what you're getting into with a clone, and are willing to put a few extra dollars into it, I think certain clones can be worthwhile. Going with something that is mostly TM compatible will help to alleviate some of the headache if things need to be tweaked or fixed.
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