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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
I dont see how there is much of a discussion on clones vs TM, the clones are about 250-260 after taxes, if you buy a KJW from a store, and a TM is 300, meaning only 40 bucks more for a gun that WILL last forever, rather than a gun that may last a few weeks, seems like the better purchase to me...
There is a reason for that, Let say about TM M1911A1 MEU, How much would it cost for them to make to full metal ? 600 $ or 800 $ so it would cost leg of arm, not even include any extra mags yet and even upgrade internal.

As for clone, Let say about 300 $ you can get an Army M1911A1 MEU with extra mag, that mean it's huge a mount different. Most of beginner wouldn't spend that much on TM as the their first pistol when they only use it on some occasion at the game and plinking at home. I knew that they got what they paid for.

To be honest, I had used more than 10 to 15 pistol once I start airsoft from a crappy brand to high end and the best thing is I only get one confirm kill each with one of them. The point is I barely used them while my primary never fail me.

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