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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
I dont see how there is much of a discussion on clones vs TM, the clones are about 250-260 after taxes, if you buy a KJW from a store, and a TM is 300, meaning only 40 bucks more for a gun that WILL last forever, rather than a gun that may last a few weeks, seems like the better purchase to me...
agreed, though the original topic didnt mentionned TM. lol. So I stated that the ARMY one, which is in his choices, is TM compatible. But of course, a TM would be better.

I personally own a ARMY MEU. I love the thing. of course a TM would be even better, but i simply ran into a ARMY armament, and bought it... I'm not disapointed with my purchase.

Like Strelok said, we should answer the question thats asked, not answer to the question you think he should have asked... lol.

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