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Let say if you are have enough budget then start from WA or TM.

Ok ! guys, we knew that TM or WA are good gun to start from but not all the guys around here are willing to cost leg or arm to get hand on those so let stop take topic on TM , WA or whatever it is and concentrate on person who want answer.

Back to topic, as for me I would choose Army MEU than KJW, I handle both and experience both of them, KJW can't beat any crap out Army MEU like 100 % TM Compatible, reliable or etc.. again, Army MEU it's not reliable as TM but it's ok gun for person who want pistol hanging around or back up on occasion and to be honest, I always though to use that pistol for those reason above but I just dropped more than 800 rds in it before let it goes and it's still working like charm. A buddy of mine got KJW 1911 and broke right of the box.

You should get the idea, right ?

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