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Army R17, A 1911 MEU or a TM Hicapa 5.1

For my first pistol:

Got a newbie questions that I would like to hear your opinion on. I am looking at either an Army R17, A 1911 MEU or a TM Hicapa 5.1.

Althought very different designs, the Army R17 and the 1911 are metal slides.

Any opinions or things you know or heard good or bad of these?

I have searched on the forums and read many good things about all 3. which has made my decision even harder.

If u could reply just with the pistol name and perhaps a really simple answer why, it would help me out alot.

These are the three that I can get at a good price.
Canadian Airsoft Marines
Bravo Company
Umarex VFC HK416 GBBR
G&G M4 CQB MAX AEG w Custom Mechbox
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