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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
1C = Battery MAH / 1000

1000 MAH battery = 1.0 Amps

If your battery is 0 to 1799 MAH, use 0.9A to charge it, if it's 1800+ use 1.8 MAH to charge it.
ah! this makes sense!!!

thanks Amos!

For the rest of you, thanks for your answers. I just trust Amos cause I've read many of his posts and discussed with him in PM a few times, and he seems to know his thing a lot. Also I have some really basic knowledge in electicity (very basic), and what he said remind me some notions from the past. lol. I kinda trust those posts. but still, thank you for your kind answers, its been helpful

I think we can now close this thread, as I got all the information I needed! anymore information would be best given in the battery faq in the accesory section, as it will be more helpful to others there than it'll be here!!!
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