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Originally Posted by mas_oyama View Post
I can't choose the capacity thingy. I just have a selector for .9 or 1.8A.

since my battery is a 8.4v 2200 mAh, I take it I should charge at 1.8?

edit before I post: I guess by "Never charge over 1C" you meant "never overcharge you battey"? lol. I figured that as I was typing. My charger is a smart charger, so I guess I can leave it on all night long, it'll just stop charging when its full...

thank yet again Amos, for your quick answer to my n00bs questions, as you always do! much appreciated!
1C = Battery MAH / 1000

1000 MAH battery = 1.0 Amps

If your battery is 0 to 1799 MAH, use 0.9A to charge it, if it's 1800+ use 1.8 MAH to charge it.
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