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battery charging

Okay I posted this in the battery FAQ too, but My new battery just got in today and I need to charge it... so I need an answer. looks like I won't get a quick answer in the other thread... at least I tried not to make a new topic just for that!!!

Originally Posted by mas_oyama View Post
Hey I have a small question.

I just got my charger yesterday, and I was wondering how I should charge the batteries.

I got this charger:

it can charge at 0.9A or 1.8A.

the battery I am getting is a G&P(yeah I ordered a tamiya to deans adaptor since the charger dont have deans plugs...), 8.4v 2200mAh. Should I charge it on .9 or on 1.8A? also if I undestand the first post correctly, lets say I charge it at .9A, it should take 2.4 hours to charge right? 2200 / 900 = 2.44...
So is there any difference other than the time it'll take to charge between .9 and 1.8A? i just dont want to destroy my brand new battery... lol.
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