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It should be made clear that issue is entirely with importation and the CBSA. The actual possesion of airsoft has no legally mandated rules (such as you have in the US with the orange tips).

There are no laws regarding age limits, the appearance of gun (transparency and otherwise, etc.) if it is actually in the country. What others have said is right however, and that most airsoft clubs and fields will have an age limit of 18+ but there are exceptions. There are some facilities that will allow minors with parental consent etc. In my city, there's a laser arena that has airsoft nights most weekdays and 10-14 year old kids (the same ages you would find at laser games) are allowed to play airsoft. You could forward that info to your customers as well but I'm not sure about in Montreal. Do warn them that if they are really interested in airsoft that the cost iwould likely be higher to play in Canada as guns are typically more expensive (up to double the cost) and there are few physical stores.

But good on you for dealing with your customers in such a straightforward manner and preventing them from losing any money in the case of confiscation. Thank-you for taking the time to register on this forum and discussing this.

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