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Originally Posted by PaCHeKo! View Post
I hope my taxes aren't paying Feds to watch a dude buying two USP mags...
Yeah seriously.

Papabois, what you're suggesting in your earlier post detailing the events that occured (and you subsequent concerns), the amount of resources that requires is disproportionate for two entirely legal mags. It's not like you were trying to import a 40' ocean container of black guns or something.

If it can put your mind at ease, over the course of the past decade I've purchased and imported a wide range of parts and accessories: barrels, handguards, grips, stocks, scopes, mags, etc. Some parts were real steel. About 1/3 of them were opened up by CBSA, contents unpackaged, inspected, then haphazardly stuffed back into the box, taped up and sent to me with a handling fee. :P

Is there a note about me in a computer somewhere? Maybe. The same way banks and tech support places have little notes on file. But this isn't Nazi Germany or anything, the Gestapo or KGB aren't watching me and tapping my phone in the hopes I'll mess up and they can swoop in and take me away for interrogation.

As others mentioned, you might have something to worry about because something happened to make the bank block access to your account. But whatever it is it has nothing to do with those USP mags.

Plus its not like the girl at the post office had any idea what was in the package to begin with.
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