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Originally Posted by Kokanee View Post
Second post to the OP because I didn't see your last one: You are very paranoid about the govn't spying on you. Unless you have something to hide don't worry about it - they have a hard enough time catching real terrorists/online criminals/kiddy porn barons that I highly doubt they are zeroing in on your location right now, calling in the swat team over two USP mags.
Nothing to hide hear. I'm glad the Feds are watching. I feel safer.

I've always wished I could have been a Fed, Police, Swat, Special ops, PMC dude, etc. But I'm physically "Wee", and feeling old and unfit. I couln't take down anything bigger than a squirel. And those things are fast!

The only way I can fufill those desires, is airsoft roll-playing (currently saving to get kits like mad, to come out and play).

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