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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
Its possible you have a virus on your pc that monitors your actions/keystrokes or something of the like. Have you run a diagnostic scan witha reputable scanner? Do you even have one?
Might not work if it's FUD (Fully UnDetectable). Virus scans will usually take out most but even good ones can get tricked by FUD Viruses, usually these are small time guys not big ones that are well known who are infecting millions of machines.

If you were ordering from somewhere like the US and the seller wrote something like "Pistol Magazines" then yeah that might be cause for alarm but if it's local there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Most likely you had your shit cloned if you use debit in shady places or there's a RAT (Remote Access Trojan)/FUD Keylogger.

Also try and pinpoint the exact IP of the attempted logins. If it was from your computer then it's probably a RAT but if it's from a different IP then it's either someone cloned your bank details/card or you have a Keylogger.

Protect yourself. PUT A FRAUD ALERT ON YOUR ACCOUNTS. This should prevent people from signing up for CC's/Mortgages/Line of Credit etc. or requesting new SIN's under your name.

PS: Just because it's "the feds" doesn't mean that they have the poweress to keep stuff you have on the computer. They probably can and Virus makers in the wild sometimes do too by writing stuff to places like the MBR. If the virus persists I think the only way to remove it is to destroy the MBR (Master Boot Record) and "shred the disk" by writing garbage data everywhere and then reinstalling.
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