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Nothing illegal. And keep in mind I have never had nor touch a real firearm.

This is why I ask: I just bought two magazines for the USP. I mmissed the delivery (they didn't knock), so had to go to purolater for pick-up. The attendant entered my info into her computer, and then had an odd facial expression (triggered the uh-oh-sense in me). Then she went and got the package...all new mags.

The next day, I went to log into my bank to check the ballance. Denied.
Went to do it through the phone. Denied.
Talked to the rep on the phone, they typed in my info, then all of a sudden no more help. She said I had to go into my branch.

Went into my branch, said my my accesses have been denied. She said failed log ons to my acount have triggered it to deny all access. I have not messed up any log-on attemps lately.

Then she asked me if I had my gun permit, or firearms permit, ACUF or something like that (can't remember). I'm thinking what the hell this has to do with me wanting to see how much money I had (need groceries). My account info is all messed up she said.

Then the previous weird experiences the day before entered my head.

Now I have an appointment with bank to sort out my info. I have to go in with all kinds of documents (all gonvernment linked I might add), to set things straight.

My spidey-sense says don't go in.

Could this be messed up from a hacker trying to get in my bank, a federally trying to access acount info because of the airsoft mag purchase?


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